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We need your help! In order to make this web site better, we would like your feedback. To do so, we have created this page as a place where we can ask you various questions about the web site and potential new features of the web site. Take a moment, and let us know how you feel on each topic. You may only vote once per question. Please remember that participation in feedback polls does not earn points. To earn points use the weekly opinion poll.

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Do you have a Facebook account? (Discuss)
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Do you have a Facebook account?
We are testing a new/alternate gas price search control. Do you like the new search control? (already implemented)
We've read your comments and made some changes. What do you think of the home page now?
What do you think of the proposed update to the home page?
For the weekly prize give away what would you prefer most as a prize?
How do you like the new profile picture or avatar in the message forum posts?
How do like the new website navigation menu?
Do you use a regular cell phone or a Smartphone?
Best slogan for GasBuddy most likley to help recruit more price spotters?
GasBuddy Direct program allows station owners to provide gas price updates for their stations in bulk into the GasBuddy system. Do you think we should allow station owners to provide gas price information to GasBuddy?
Ethos Fuel Enhancer is a current advertiser (, do you think that Ethos is an acceptable advertiser on GasBuddy?
We do not allow any floating ads or pop-ups but if it was a max of one ad per user per day would it be OK? An online car dealer wants to use FLOATING ads for Feb and Mar. We were thinking that we would give all proceeds as a big prize-give away $5000+.
We are developing a system for GasBuddy Members to contact each other through a messaging system. What should this be called?
What is most important to you as a user of the GasBuddy websites?
When should we "recycle" and make available again, old GasBuddy user names where people registered but never did participate in the website?
Are you planning to buy a new or used vehicle in the near future?
Would use say that you are using this website for personal or for commerical (eg. Fleet, Business, Group) purchasing decisions?
When reporting prices, what duration of time elapses on average from the time you see the price to the time that it is reported?
We're considering adding a chat style forum for general chatting and "watercooler gossip". Should we create this forum?
At the end of August, 2005, we changed the format of the "Other Forums". Now they are called "Additional Forums", and the format looks more like the regular GasBuddy forums. Have you checked out the "Additional Forums"?
In Feb 2005, we added a number of "Other Forums" to the web site such as Automotive, Computers, Education, Entertainment, Health, News, Politics, Religion, Sports, Travel, and Video Games. Have you checked out these "Other Forums"?
What feature would you like to see added to the web site?
We have recently made a greater effort to try to clean up the message forum. Do you think that we have gotten too agressive in moving topics to the "appropriate" forums?
Currently, there are over 100 members with more than 1,000,000 points, and at the top level for car icons. We would like to recognize the contributions of the top point earners. Would you like to see more car icons/point levels on this web site?

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