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What Does One Barrel Of Crude Oil Make?

  • One barrel of crude oil contains 42 gallons which creates 45 gallons of petroleum products
  • About 47% of each barrel of crude oil is refined into automobile gasoline
  • In the US an average of about 2.5 gallons of crude oil are consumed per person each day
  • The US imports about 40% of its required crude oil and about 52% of that amount comes from OPEC countries
Product Share of Total U.S. Petroleum Consumption
Gasoline 47%
Heating Oil/Diesel Fuel 20%
Jet Fuel (Kerosene) 8%
Propane/Propylene 6%
Natural Gas Liquids and Liquid Refinery Gases 6%
Still Gas 4%
Petrochemical Feedstocks 2%
Petroleum Coke 2%
Residual/Heavy Fuel Oil 2%
Asphalt and Road Oi 2%
Lubricants 1%
Miscellaneous Products 0.4%
Other Liquids 0.4%
Aviation Gasoline 0.1%
Special Naphthas 0.04%
Waxes 0.04%
Kerosene 0.02%
Source: EIA November 2013 Data

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